Chico Shooting at La Salles Bar

Jul 3, 2011 8:52 PM

" I'm standing there and hear the gun shots go off, look over and the guys like walking towards him, lets off seven or eight more shots, he goes down, stands over him, shoots him a couple more times", said Eric Gray, who witnessed a shooting at La Salles Saturday night. That was the terrifying turn of events that took place at La Salles just before 11 Saturday night. Home video captured on a cell phone shows La Salles staff members helping gunshot victims on the ground. police say 25-year old Shane Michael Warner opened fire on the back patio of the popular bar. Bullets struck both 22-year old Chico resident Sam Smith and a 24-year old woman who was dancing near Smith. After the shooting Warner took off running, but employees from the bar ran after him. "The suspect was detained about a block away from the bar and was taken into custody", said lieutenant Lynda Dye with the Chico Police Department. Action news spoke with an employee from the bar off camera who said Warner and another man were denied entry into the bar several times, but when when Warner tried to get in alone, he was allowed in after going through the bar's routine pat down. Witnesses say the man Warner was with then threw him the handgun over the fence of the back patio. " The guy wanted to do something to him, so obviously it was premeditated", said Gray.
Friends of Smith say Warner and Smith had an altercation several weeks ago, and after Smith went down witnesses say Warner seemed satisfied with what he had done. " The gunman came up, fired three or four more shots into him, did a little victory dance and ran out the door", said Chico resident and witness Brad Jenkins.
Smith was was taken to Enloe Medical Center with four gunshot wounds and was immediately taken into surgery. The 24-year old female victim was shot twice in the leg, and according to police her injuries are not life threatening. Warner is currently being held at the Butte County Jail. And for those who lived through the nightmare... " I think I'm gonna take a break for a while, it's time to stay away from the downtown scene for a little bit", said Jenkins.
La Salles management posted a statement on the bar's facebook page, stating, quote, " The tragic occurance that took place profoundly saddened us all", and they are praying for the speedy recovery of the victims.


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