Chico Sewage Problem

Dec 8, 2011 8:16 PM

This was the scene on Second street in downtown Chico Thursday morning. For the fourth day in a row.. Brooklyn Bridge Bagel Works, Chronic Tacos, and Chada Thai Cuisine, have been forced to close their doors. "Being closed like this has never happened and economically it's not good," says Scott Schulman, Brooklyn Bridge Bagel Works Owner.

Since 1979, Brooklyn Bridge Bagel Works has been open 363 days of the year. Being closed all this week for the first time in 32 years has been a huge hit for owner Scott Schulman. He says, "We still have plenty of bills and no money coming in."

Even regular customers were affected by this four-day-long closure.. Some, forced to change their daily routine. Brooklyn Bridge Bagel Works Customer Ryan Dogy says, "Planned to come to lunch today and got here and it said it was closed." Chada Thai Enthusiast Kimberley Tonge says, "I came down and it's still closed. I would've eaten here twice this week."

So what caused a simple drain snaking, to turn into a four day process? Building Property Manager Perry Whitfield says, "There was a blockage there.. It was a little bit of roots and mostly grease."

But it wasn't actually the clogged drain that caused the delay this week. Instead it was the fact that they had to find this man hole, that had been covered up nearly 20 years ago. Beyond that, city officials say they believe the man hole itself is from the early 1900's, because it is one of the last in downtown Chico made of brick.

Within hours of finding that access point on second street, crews fixed the problem. Which means all three restaurants, will be back on schedule, once again. Schulman says, "We will be back in business tomorrow morning at 6:30."


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