Chico Schools Locked Down Again

Mar 30, 2012 7:36 PM

Several Chico schools go on lock down for the second time in three days, after yet another anonymous phone call which police say came from the caller who stemmed Wednesday's lock down.
Chico Police say the young man who caused Wednesday's lock down, made another call to Chico High School, shortly before 2 this afternoon.
The anonymous caller was allegedly apologizing to school officials and not making threats, but as a precaution, four schools were put on lock down.
Police were able to locate the man's location, at a business away from Chico High School.
Then to make things worse, about 15 minutes after the initial call, a passerby called police saying they saw a man with a gun outside of Citrus Elementary School, which was already on lock down.
That's when police surrounded the school to ensure the safety of the faculty and students inside.
Chico Police Cpt. Lori MacPhail says, "We believe it was a mistaken identity. He had a campus radio in his hand and they have antenna's on him.. So it's possibly what happened that they thought it was a man with a gun."
Concerned parent Farrah Freehill says, "A little concerning. But I'm glad about the promptness.. But it's still concerning."
The lock down was lifted just 45 minutes after the initial phone call.
Police are still working to identify the caller that prompted today and Wednesday's lock downs.


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