Chico's Tackle Box Bar and Grill fights with city over outdoor patio

Mar 19, 2015 6:11 PM by Brian Johnson

The owner of The Tackle Box Bar and Grill said he's tired of fighting with the city of Chico.

He told Action News Now today that his latest fight with city officials has to do with an outdoor patio that cost him $20,000.

Eight months ago, he said he was granted permission from the city to build the back patio, so he built it, only to have the permit revoked by Mark Wolfe, the city's community development director.

No one is using it now, and no one will use it when the bar attempts to break a world record for the longest multi-artist concert next month.

"We need a back patio but we're getting so much pushback from everybody else in the community, as far as the building department, planning department, Chico Police Department, and so forth," said Tackle Box Owner Richard Peeples.

Peeples was told his permit was revoked because the patio would put the square footage of his bar and grill over what's allowed in the city code-5,000 square feet.

He said he understands that, but doesn't understand why he was given a yes, then no, and also why he's treated differently than other local businesses.

"But how can we have other businesses that are multi-million dollar businesses with the exact same zoning as I do, have whatever he wants?" Peeples said.

Peeples said The Tackle Box invested $20,000 in the patio, of which, he's says, he'll get zero dollars back.

"If you don't want to give me my $20,000 refund, I can understand that," Peeples said. "[The] city's hurting for money, you know? Give me my back patio. How hard is it?"
Peeples said he'll bring this issue to the Chico City Council as soon as he gets some more time on his hands.

Wolfe told Action News Now he can't comment on the reimbursement claim or why a permit was issued in the first place, due to possible litigation.

He did say that the reason for revoking the permit was that the patio put them over the maximum square footage.


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