Chico's Sit-Lie ordinance, 6 months later

Apr 30, 2014 8:45 PM

It's been six months since Chico's City Council voted to approve a 'Sit-Lie' ordinance. Around that same time, the 'Our Town' coalition was formed, and Chico Police began enforcing a 'no camping' code. The goal was to cut down on transient anti-social behavior who were deterring some downtown shoppers. Some people say the ordiance working, while others say it hasn't helped at all. Talia Kemp works at Campus Bicycles next to the plaza downtown. She thinks the extra enforcement has made things better. She says just a few months ago, "We had some people sleeping out front who left litter, and a couple of times people peed out in front of the business. I haven't seen anyone sleep in front of the business recently." The 'Our Town' coalition, funded by local business owners, put armed guards on downtown streets. It was only funded for a few months and has disbanded. Chico Police say the department does not have the manpower to fully enforce the Sit-Lie ordinance, and operates mostly on a complaint-driven basis. The 'no-camping' code is enforced the same way. But the anti-social behavior clearly continues. Action News Now caught two women engaged in a sexual act on the grass in broad daylight, while a group of children played in the fountain just yards away.


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