Chico's 'Sit and Lie' Ordinance Fails

Aug 20, 2013 5:40 PM

UPDATE:A proposal to establish a sit and lie ordinance in Chico has died when a motion to approve failed to get enough votes Tuesday night.

According to the drafted ordinance, the first violation would be a fine not exceeding $100, a $200 fine will be issued for a second violation occurring within one year, and a fine not exceeding $300 for a third violation and any subsequent violation occurring within a one year period. The council’s included a direction in drafting the ordinance requiring a warning be given before a citation could be issued.

Section 9.44.015, if passed by the city council tonight, would make it make it a fineable offense to “sit or lie down upon a sidewalk, curb or street, or upon a blanket, stool, chair or other object place upon a public sidewalk, curb or street between the hours of 7 a.m. and 11 p.m...:”

The proposed ordinance states “The presence of individuals and groups of people sitting and lying on sidewalks in commercial areas can result in hazards to pedestrians from patronizing businesses adjacent to those sidewalks; and it is in the public interest to preserve the use of those sidewalks for unimpeded pedestrian access during the hours when most of those businesses are open in order to ensure that pedestrians can freely access the businesses adjacent to those sidewalks and promote economic development…”

To read the full proposed ordinance, including a map of the areas in which the ordinance will be in effect and exceptions to the ordinance, follow this link:


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