Chico's Relay For Life

May 2, 2010 8:56 PM

An emotional day for more than 600 cancer survivors who lined up for the opening celebrations of Chico's 13th annual Relay For Life." Well when I walked the survivor lap in the morning it really hits me on how important this is, to have people cheering you on, to be walking, it just helps us stay in tune with ourselves... to know that other people care" cancer survivor Jayne Ragland said.

Every year about three thousand people take part in Chico's Relay For Life.. raising more than 300-thousand dollars each year for the American Cancer Society.. and educating the public about the cause and effect of the deadly disease." To promote awareness of cancer, to know that it's not discriminating" explained Bill Peart, a cancer survivor.

The theme of this years relay for life is "a world with more birthdays", and event chair Shelby Scanlan says that's exactly what organizers are trying to promote. " What we want to do is find a world with more birthdays, less people having to hear the words, you have cancer, so it's a celebration of that" explained Scanlan.

The walkers are not just cancer survivors.. they're also friends and family of people who have not survived.. making saturdays start to the race even more inspirational." These people here, the survivors that are here, it's proof, it's not the end of the world, and there's still a reason to fight." cancer survivor John Larsen said.


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