Chico's New Green Bike Lanes

Aug 6, 2013 5:47 PM

If you have driven through downtown Chico lately you may have noticed a lot more green.

That’s because the city painted a new bike lane green with the intention of being more visual and ultimately preventing more accidents.

It is all part of the Couplet Project; and this new bike lane is a long ride—starting at Highway 32 and going to Memorial Way.

Covering most of Second Street in downtown Chico, this green bike lane comes to an end near the new roundabout, which will open Thursday but won’t be entirely complete. The city is seeking input from the public on what should be the finishing touches in the central island and the surrounding plant boxes.

This project, however, is good news for more than just cyclists. One local business owner expects this bike lane and the Couplet Project to change the entire dynamic of downtown.

“This is already a great bike town,” said Alec Binyon, Naked Lounge owner. “A lot of friends of mine have been kind of weary about riding through downtown because they don’t feel like its safe. This is going to make people feel really comfortable on their bikes downtown and I think we'll some a lot more families.”

To give the city input on what should be placed in the roundabout, contact City of Chico Sr. Civil Engineer Bob Greenlaw at 870-6900.


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