Chico's Graffiti Task Force

Aug 28, 2013 5:47 PM

Many locals say there is an increase in Chico’s graffiti problem and the city has just one employee to clean up the entire mess.

Due to budget cuts, Keith Lydon is the lone employee of the City of Chico’s graffiti eradication program.

“I’m in charge of the whole town,” Lydon said. “I believe the city is getting a lot of bang for the buck and so are the taxpayers.”

Lydon said that while taxpayers don’t like paying for other people’s wrongdoings, it’s a much better option than ignoring it.

“If we don't have this program we lose and the taggers win,” Lydon said. “And we don't want to lose this battle.”

To contact the City of Chico eradication program, call 530-898-2003.


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