Chico residents sign petition to bring back Chico State football

Dec 2, 2015 3:10 PM by News Staff

An online petition seeking to bring college football back to Chico has garnered hundreds of signatures in less than a month.

In February of 1997, Chico State disbanded its football program after 70 years due to rising costs and declining attendance.

With schools around the country coming off rivalry games and heading into conference championships this weekend, it looks like students in Chico want in on the tailgating fun.

A petition to bring football back to Chico was posted to the website, on November 4. As of December 2, the petition had 332 signatures.

Some commenters say a football program would unite students, the community, and increase school spirit. Others are hoping to partake in some pre-game tailgates.

In recent years, Chicoans expressed a desire for the return of professional baseball, and it was announced last year that after more than a decade away, the Chico Heat will return to action in June of 2016.


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