Chico Residents Say What They're Most Thankful For

Nov 25, 2010 5:31 PM

The Johnson family says, "We are thankful for our family and today the beautiful weather that seems to be going our way, and for our health." Garth Archivald says,"i'm thankful for my beautiful family, awesome friends and a gorgeous community."

Local Chico residents did some last minute shopping for their Thanksgiving dinners. Most carried out pumpkin pie, dressings for the turkey, and even some holiday spirits. All having thanks for something special in their lives. The Depa family says, "we're thankful just for being in this country with freedom, and everything else. Being able to work and have family and friends. We have so much to be thankful for." Colleen Maschmedt says, "I'm here with my family, my granddaughters and my grandsons and my daughter. And it's just a blessing I guess to be alive."

While most had the usual things to be thankful for like family and friends, others had very different blessings to give thanks for in their lives. The Depa Family says, "I'm thankful for something to do. For my T.V., wii, electronics, and lego sets." Travis and Scamus Burnell say, "we're thankful for our guinea pigs and that they actually gave birth a few days ago."


o matter what it is, everyone has something to be thankful for today. Larry Whan says, "I am very thankful for my health at this age. I'm eighty four and I'm very happy that I'm still walking." Brittany Nicholls says, "I'm thankful for happiness and health in this wonderful town of Chico."


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