Chico Real Estate Broker says house near railroad tracks will sell

Jul 2, 2014 7:34 PM by Brian Johnson

A Chico Real Estate broker said one of the homes she has listed should sell soon, despite being directly behind the railroad tracks.

The house is located on the corner of Ninth and Cedar streets and has been on the market for 30 days.

With college kids returning and potential homeowners looking for a lucrative investment, Debbie Capshaw (Capshaw Realty) believes the property will enter escrow within 15 days. It's currently listed nearly $223,000, and Capshaw believes it will sell for a little less.

She said you can feel and hear passing trains inside the house, but says the previous college renters got used to it.

"You're not sitting there holding on to your plates, but you do feel it go by, I'm not going to say you don't," said Capshaw. "But it's not all that intrusive."

Union Pacific Railroad says between 10 and 15 trains pass through Chico every day.


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