Chico rancher out $5,000 thanks to carelessly discarded oleander

Jan 29, 2015 7:21 PM

A north Chico rancher is hoping to spread the word about the dangers of carelessly tossing oleander clippings because it is toxic to both humans and animals. Nick Bradley says he discovered his $5,000 2 year old angus beef breeding bull dead in the pasture. After doing some investigating, he found dried oleander in a creek bed, and a local veterinarian confirmed the animal most likely died after ingesting the toxic plant. Bradley suspects someone clipped the oleander before drenching December rains carried the branches onto his property. Even a small amount of the shrub can kill a large animal. Safety websites warn that oleander should never be used as compost, and should always be stuffed into a heavy trash bag and disposed of carefully. Burning oleander can also lead to toxic smoke.


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