Chico police use Taser on shoplifting suspect

Dec 7, 2015 1:55 PM by News Staff

A man who employees say has been a repeat shoplifter at a local Rite-Aid was caught in the act this weekend and brought down with a Taser. The incident was caught on camera and Chico police say the short video clip doesn’t tell the whole story.

Police say two men, one of whom is wheelchair bound, were accused of shoplifting numerous times, and had been warned not to enter the Rite-Aid in the Mangrove Shopping Center. When they returned Saturday they allegedly took candy bars and energy drinks.

Loss prevention officers contacted the two men in front of Safeway, and the man in the wheelchair, Brady Carmack, allegedly started throwing punches.

As Chico police arrived on the scene the two men fled in separate directions. Officers yelled for the second suspect, Christian Berkeley to stop and turn around.

Video shot by a witness shows Berkeley appearing to initially comply, but he suddenly spins around and ignores demands to stop.

The officer who used his Taser is Chico Police Detective Mark Bass, who had just returned from administrative leave after being found justified in his use of deadly force in the deadly officer involved shooting on Pomona Avenue last month.

Police say Berkeley has a violent criminal history, including arrests for assault and battery, and has a record of gang activity in Los Angeles.


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