Chico Police urge stiff fines for false alarms

Aug 13, 2014 3:52 PM by News Staff

Business owner and residents in Chico may soon be held responsible for false alarms, after a recommendation from the Chico Police Department Wednesday.

After responding to an extremely high number of false alarms over the last two years, the police department determined they didn't have the resources available to send officers on so many of these calls.

In June Chico Police adopted a new policy and began only responding to alarms that have criminal activity confirmed by the alarm or security company, in turn the department received a lot of criticism from the community.

In response to the public outcry, police presented a proposal Wednesday that states alarm companies should be the held accountable for the costs associated with sending to officers to a false alarm call. Under the proposal alarm companies would be fined $100 for the first false alarm, and $300 for the third violation and each subsequent offense.

The proposal allows for the alarm companies to decide if the company or the customer will pay the fines.

Alarm companies say the proposal puts them in a difficult situation, because the company cannot determine why an alarm was activated until personnel is dispatched to the scene.

The proposal will be discussed by the Chico City Council at a meeting in three weeks.


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