Chico Police Union defends salary with full-page ad

Mar 13, 2014 7:11 PM

It's an open letter to the citizens of Chico. Chico Police Officers' Union President Peter Durfee says he wants to set the record straight about what Chico's Police Officers make compared to other officers in the state of California. He says the ad is in response to what he calls misleading numbers in a recent article in the Chico News & Review. Durfee says, "We go out there and do the best job we can with what we got, and that's all we can do. People read that, and they believe it. We want to make sure people are factual in regards to what's going on with their city. I do make a decent living, but the facts are I've given up 18 to 20 percent of my salary and benefits since 2008." In the ad, Durfee compares Chico's Police and Fire Departments' calls for service and salaries. Chico Firefighters IAFF 2734 Union President John Kelso says that's like comparing apples and oranges. Says Kelso, "It's a little surprising, but we empathize with the Police Officers' Association because we know they have a battle going with City Hall. It was definitely an article written with a motive, but we're used to articles like that coming up every year." Durfee says police officers are tired of constantly having to defend themselves, and their wage. He says, "Thirty-four dollars for a police officer to go out that door and potentially put their life at risk, that's too much money? We're tired, going out there doing the job, not feeling like people care, or they just don't know what we do for a living."
The Chico News & Review says it stands by the article.


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