Chico Police seeing spike in catalytic converter thefts

Jan 7, 2015 8:50 PM

Since Septmeber 1st the Chico Police Department reported 31 catalytic converter thefts. The suspects are sliding right underneath vehicles and sawing off the part. Authorities say suspects are targeting Toyota Thundras, Toyota Sequoias, and Dodge Ram pickup trucks.

"If you got the right tools you can get them off in 45 seconds of less." says Pro-Lube Manager Justin Littler.

Justin Littler, the Manager of Chico Pro-Lube, says they are helping fight the battle on the streets. Pro-Lube is engraving vehicle VIN numbers on the converters to help catch the criminals.

"It actually helps CPD track who is doing it since the recycling yard keeps the record of your ID and all your info on file when you try and recycle stuff like this." says Littler.

He says when the part is turned in for money, recycling centers can tell it is stolen when a VIN number is engraved on the part.

"You can possibly get it back and get them apprehended." Says Littler "Really you can just ask its really no costs it takes us about 5 minutes to do it."

The catalytic converter can cost hundreds of dollars to replace. So far authorities do not have any leads, but they are still investigating several reports.

Pro-Lube is located at 2485 Notre Dame Blvd. Chico.


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