Chico police make 50 Labor Day weekend arrests, CHP arrests 24 for DUI

Sep 8, 2015 4:04 PM by News Staff

Chico police say the amount of arrests made on the historically raucous Labor Day weekend in Chico continues to trend downward.

For the second year in a row the amount of arrests were down, with a total of 50 people arrested by the Chico Police Department, an 18 percent reduction from 2014 when 61 were arrested.

Of the 50 people arrested by the Chico Police Department, nine were Chico State students, three were Butte College students, and five were out of town students. Two high school students were arrested.

Driving under the influence arrests also dropped this year, the California Highway Patrol RAID team arrested 24 people on suspicion of DUI, and another six people were cited for biking under the influence. Last year the RAID team made 55 arrests during the same period.

Chico police say there was a significant decrease in the crowds in the south campus area, and say that it wasn’t just alcohol related crimes declining, but also violent crimes.


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