Chico Police Have Busy Weekend

Feb 25, 2013 7:49 PM

Chico police were overwhelmed again this weekend responding to large house parties in the South Campus area.
The raucous behavior comes less than 48 hours after Chico city leaders wrapped up a community summit aimed at addressing problems stemming from alcohol and drug abuse.

“It was the largest group I've seen in the last few weekends," Sgt. Billy Aldridge said.

During a 12 hour period beginning at 4 p.m. Saturday, the 22 Chico Police officers on duty responded to 391 calls for service with many of those calls stemming from large parties in the south campus area.

"At one point every one of them had to be used for the West side area near the college. That is very taxing on our staff," Aldridge said.

During the patrol shift, officers made 22 arrests.
Of those 8 were booked for being drunk in public, 5 for assault and two people were arrested for DUI.
In addition to the arrests, several people were taken away with major injuries stemming from fights that reportedly spilled out of house parties.

"We had a lot of fights stemming from parties and alcohol within the streets on the West side," Aldridge said.

In addition to the police calls, the fire department responded to 10 separate fires on West Sixth Street between Chestnut an Ivy involving couches, mattresses and trash cans.
None of the suspected arsonists were caught.

Many of the people who live in the area say the behavior was fueled by out of towners and not Chico State students.
But students who had no part in the activity say they just want it to stop, because they are tired of the out of control parties impacting their reputations.

"People automatically assume that you are associated with partying and burning couches and all that crazy stuff and it's pretty frustrating, because that isn't everybody and we don't want it to seem like everybody," Chico State student Janae Schallert said.

In an attempt to disperse the crowds, officers invoked the disorderly event ordinance at two homes and issued 15 separate noise warnings.


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