Chico Police detain man wielding knife, threatening officers

Jan 8, 2016 4:50 PM by News Staff

A man is safely in custody after he attempted to commit suicide-by-cop Monday evening.

Chico police officers responded to an emergency call where they confronted a man wielding a large kitchen knife. The man was known to have a mental health disorder and demanded the officers to shoot him as he raised the knife and approached the officers.

Officers were able to get the man to drop his knife and detain him without further incident. Officers took the man to a mental hospital for further evaluation and psychiatric treatment. The man’s identity is being withheld to protect his privacy.

In a statement, Chico police said that while the circumstances in this case had a positive outcome that is not always the case.

“Although the circumstances allowed for officers to safely detain the subject in this incident, the slightest change in circumstances could have left the officers with no other option but to use deadly force,” the statement read.


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