Chico Police crack down on illegal street racing

Feb 17, 2016 11:15 AM by David McVicker

It's something that is illegal in California and poses a significant safety risk to its participants, spectators and the public.

The Chico Police Department has received a number of complaints about groups meeting and engaging in street racing.

The department said they've been getting several complaints a week about the illegal speed contests.

Ed Nelson with the Chico Police said prime locations for illegal racing seem to happen anywhere, but there are some more popular locations.

“The two main places we're seeing it happening is out at the airport and on the Esplanade, but it's happening all over Chico, anywhere where there's a stretch of road that's relatively empty," he said.

The department said they’re relying on the public to report it if they see it happening. Street racing is considered a misdemeanor and if caught offenders could lose their license, have their car impounded and face hefty fines.


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