Chico Police attempt to negotiate with robbery suspect on Park Avenue

Feb 8, 2016 1:19 AM by Debbie Cobb

A standoff between Chico Police and a suspected armed robber continues at this hour in south Chico. Police and a swat team continue to surround an apartment building near Park Avenue and 16th Street where the gunman is believed to be hiding.

The incident began about 1:20pm Sunday when witnesses say a man who had been hanging around the outside of the Money Saver on Park Avenue ran inside and robbed the clerk at gunpoint.

The suspect was then seen running toward an apartment complex on 16th Street. About a three-block radius in the area continues to be closed to traffic at this hour and that includes a section of Park Avenue.

As of 11:30pm Chico Police were still on scene trying to negotiate with the suspect using loud speakers.


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