Chico Physician's Assistant Back in Court

Feb 13, 2013 12:40 PM

The Chico Physician's Assistant accused of raping college-age women was back in court today. 40-year-old Lonnie Keith is accused of kidnapping and raping at least two young women. Our cameras were not allowed to shoot video of Keith in court, as the date for his preliminary hearing was set. A representative from the Attorney General's Office was also in court hoping to get Keith's Physician's Assistant license suspended, should he be released from jail. Mia Perez-Castillo told Action News, "because he is a highly trained healthcare professional, he could use his knowledge and skills as a Physician's Assistant to potentially have more victims." The motion to suspend Keith's license was put off until his preliminary hearing in April. The Deputy Attorney General also said her office is investigating where the syringes and medication found of Keith when he was arrested came from. Keith remains in jail with bail set at 3.2 million dollars.


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