Chico PD to stop responding to certain alarms

May 9, 2014 6:23 PM

Luke Winter's alarm system has helped protect his downtown Chico store Trucker for years. But soon that protection may fade. It has nothing to do with the service or the equipment but the way the Chico Police Department will start responding to alarm calls--or, more accurately, not responding.

According to Chico Police, the department will no longer respond to "unconfirmed automated alarms". That means any alarm that has not been confirmed by a security guard, someone at the scene or by a video system will go unanswered. And for Winters, that news is alarming.

“My life could be in danger or my employees’ lives could be in danger,” he said. “Life is much more valuable than worrying about a false alarm or not.”

Currently Chico business owners get three false alarms a year. Anymore is going to cost them.

“After that its $50 per time the police officers have to arrive on sight,” Winters said. “Since we are a college-based company, we get a lot of turnover and people make mistakes.”

But Chico Police said there's just too many mistakes. In 2012 they received more than 3,000 false alarms. And with a decreased staff, they say they just can’t afford to deal with them anymore.

But for Winters, this service is priceless.

“Part of me understands the fact to save money,” he said. “But the other part of me, which is more important, is safety.”

According to Chico Police, this change will begin June 15.


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