Chico PD Releases Names of Officers Involved in Fatal Incident

Sep 30, 2013 6:04 PM

The Chico Police Department has released the names of the five officers involved in the assault with a deadly weapon and fatal officer involved shooting incident involving 19-year-old Breanne Sharpe of Magalia.

The following officers were involved and are on paid administrative leave until the investigation into the incident is concluded:

Sergeant Scott Zuschin

Officer Damon Selland

Officer Jared Cumber

Officer David Quigley

Officer Nick Vega

Butte County District Attorney Mike Ramsey is expected to release more information on the incident in a press conference scheduled for this Thursday.

According to the Chico Police Department, on September 22 a 911 call from a citizen reported a man was trying to steal items from parked cars and trucks in the Nob Hill neighborhood on Bruce Road around 2 a.m. When officers pulled up to the scene, they saw a dark colored Honda coupe leave the area, according to the Chico Police Department's press release.

Officers identified the Honda as stolen and may have contained stolen property inside. Officers attempted to stop the vehicle but Sharpe reportedly failed to yield and continued westbound on East 8th Street. The car continued into the driveway of the Vista Verde Apartments, came out on the other side, and headed eastbound on East 8th Street eventually crashed into a utility pole.

According to police officials, after the Honda crashed an officer in pursuit got out of his car and ordered the driver to stop, but Sharpe allegedly threw the car into reverse and accelerated towards the officer. The officer then reportedly fired several rounds at the car in self-defense. The car then missed the officer, made a U-Turn onto the sidewalk, drove over a small tree, collided into a police car, and continued driving. Responding officers fired several more rounds at the vehicle until the Honda hit another cop car and came to a stop.

After securing the scene officers began administering life-saving efforts to Sharpe in the driver seat but she succumbed to her wounds and later died at Enloe Medical Center. Police Officials later confirmed Sharpe was shot twice.

Sharpe did have a run in with police on February 23, 2013 when she was arrested for stealing a vehicle and evading an officer, Butte County District Attorney Mike Ramsey said. Ramsey has also previously stated Sharpe was convicted and put on probation. Sharpe also had an arrest warrant for failure to report to her probation officer issued on July 25, 2013.


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