Chico PD Prepares for Halloween Crowds

Oct 30, 2013 7:52 PM

It's well known that Halloween celebrations in Chico can get pretty rowdy, but law enforcement officials say they're prepared for the partying this weekend. Law enforcement is beefing up patrols for tomorrow night and say they're ready for whatever this Halloween weekend has in store. To gear up for the influx of people coming to the city, Chico Police will be assisted by many other local agencies including Butte County and Paradise. Enloe and the fire department have also enacted plans for this weekend.

In the past few years, Halloween has fallen on a Sunday or in the middle of the week, but with its proximity to the weekend this year police are expecting larger crowds. "Our job and our fear is that if we don't have a presence there, things will get out of control and once it gets out of control, you cannot react fast enough to get in front of it again," said Lt. George Laver, Chico PD. Police also said they understand that people want to party and have fun but they should do it in a responsible manner and be safe.

There's also a glass ban in effect for the downtown area from 6pm Halloween to 6am Sunday. The area is from Big Chico Creek south to 7th street, and between Flume and Cedar Streets.


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