Chico PD begins clearing homeless encampments at Lindo Channel

Jul 8, 2014 7:38 PM by Brian Johnson

Neighbors living alongside the Lindo Channel in Chico will be happy to hear Chico Police will be cleaning out illegal homeless encampments come Thursday.

The Chico Police Department confirmed they posted clearing notices early this morning, giving any illegal campers 48 hours to take their belongings and leave.

Residents living on East Lindo Avenue were reaching a breaking point with homeless problems, seeing more violent behavior and petty theft over the last several months.

"One of our neighbors had somebody wielding a knife in his yard the other day," said East Lindo Avenue resident Matt Sutter. "It was one homeless person and another homeless person in some kind of dispute..."

Sutter said he does wonder about the safety of his wife and young daughter while he's not home.

Six months ago, while not at home, campers broke into his shed and stole hundreds of dollars worth of power tools and lawn equipment.

Neighbors say they don't allow their kids near the channel anymore, and see a lot less people using Chico's bike trail.

"It's getting destroyed," East Lindo Avenue resident Mark Young said. "All the artwork that was done down here in the creek [has] been destroyed with graffiti...trash down there, biohazard trash, a lot of needles, spent alcohol's not a safe place for children to hang out. And who wants to spend their time on a bike trail looking at that stuff?"

Both Sutter and Young have made multiple calls to Chico Police over the last several months.

"Chico P.D. has been very clear," Sutter said. "Please make the call, please make the call. But that doesn't mean we don't wonder whether or not we pulled them away from other real serious issues in the city."

Lt. David Britt said this is the first time in at least a year and a half the Chico Police Department has done postings like this.


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