Chico PD asks Chico State to expand patrols

Nov 4, 2014 12:08 AM by Jason Atcho

Chico state and the city of Chico have been working together for many years. Now the Chico chief of police is asking the university to expand their police role in areas around the campus.

With the Chico police department undergoing mandatory overtime, many people are worried about police staffing around the city. "How can the city increase police protection and patrolling and so forth? There have been some suggestions about the university's role in that," explained Joe Wills, Director of Public Affairs at Chico State.

The Chico chief of police sent a letter to Chico State asking for a review of the agreement that's already in place between the city and the university. "President Zingg is going to sit down with Chief Trostle, and they're going to discuss some of those things," said Wills.

The joint agreement defines areas where the university police have jurisdiction, including office buildings where university employees work, as well as neighboring parks. "There are some particular areas, such as how to respond to calls at fraternity houses. So we have jurisdiction in terms of responding to many calls for service," said Wills.

With the campus and the downtown area essentially next to each other, the departments need to work together. "It's a long standing discussion about collaboration because we are so close to the city and there is a lot of overlap," explains Wills.

Officials says they know there's a need for extra police presence around the university, and they're trying to figure how they can help. "We relish the opportunity to talk to the city about how we can work together. We've been doing so for a very very long time and we'll continue," said Wills.

Chico State and the city continue to have ongoing talks about the possibility of having university police patrol the downtown area but a final decision isn't expected until next month.


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