Chico PD Arrests Armed, Suicidal Woman On Cohasset Road/Hwy 99 Overpass

Oct 11, 2013 4:39 PM

Officers responded to reports of a distraught woman looking over the railing of the Hwy 99/Cohasset Road Overpass just after 12:30 p.m. Friday. As officers approached the woman sitting on the east sidewalk and began conversing with her, she ordered the officers to back off and told them she had a gun. Officers then saw what appeared to be a black semi-automatic handgun in the woman’s lap.

According to the department’s press release, the woman was distraught and crying. While attempting to calm the woman down, an officer saw and took an opportunity to disarm the woman. She was detained without further incident. During their investigation, detectives found evidence the woman was suicidal. Officers also confirmed the woman’s .22 caliber handgun was fully loaded. The press release also stated the woman had taken the handgun from a friend’s residence earlier today without the owner’s knowledge.

The woman was taken into custody pursuant 5150 of the Welfare and Institutions Code and transported to Enloe Medical Center for a mental health evaluation. The incident did snarl lunchtime commute on the busy overpass while officers closed the area to handle the incident. Cohasset Road was reopened shortly after the incident ended.


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