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Mar 29, 2010 7:35 PM

What makes the city of Chico such a wonderful place to live?

"I like the environment mostly, first of all, the weather is great all the time, there's a variety in it," Chico State student Morgan Wenter stated. "I like going here because not only is the education positive, but the environment and I love the trees and nature and the park and the people here are great and so friendly," student Alicia Chase explained. "I love everything about Chico State! I love the atmosphere, I love hanging out with the people, there's always something cool going on in the city," student Derek Kantack said.

But now even people who don't live here, agree! An article published on names Chico as one of the top eight college towns in the country. It mentions Chico as being one of America's greenest cities. It also recognizes founder John Bidwell's widow for donating all the land that makes up Bidwell Park. "Bidwell Park is my very favorite place in the whole area to go walk and there's such peace here and there's a spirit of aliveness at the same time," Marge Eggers said.

It's not just the college and Bidwell Park that makes Chico so great, many people say they enjoy eating at popular restaurants like the Sierra Nevada Brewery. "We love the Sierra Nevada Brewery because of two things, we can bring friends here and they know about it already, everybody knows Pale Ale Sierra Nevada and also we go to the Big Room for some wonderful music," Ruth Fielding stated.

And who could forget about downtown?

"All the shopping is close and fun and there's a lot of good places to eat and great coffee shops to study at," student Rebecca Brown said.


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