Chico officials to discuss implementing development fees for new jail

May 5, 2015 11:43 AM by News Staff

The Chico City Council Tuesday night will discuss whether or not the city should join Oroville and Paradise and begin collecting fees that will go towards Butte County Jail renovations.

A renovated Butte County Jail would be paid in part by a $40 million state grant, which requires a 10 percent match from the county. In order to raise the 10 percent county officials have proposed a development impact fee, which is a fee on the construction of new homes.

Every city in the county would collect the same amount per unit, but all would have to approve the agreement. Paradise was the first to approve the agreement, and Oroville followed suit in March.

Butte County officials say the passage of AB 109 in 2011 and Proposition 47 last November have created a need for an altered jail.

Sheriff Kory Honea told Action News Now that he suspects that it will take a number of years to achieve, but says the renovated jail is one of the higher priorities on his agenda at this point.


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