Chico officials respond to 25 downed trees, hundreds of drain inlets

Dec 11, 2014 5:39 PM by Brian Johnson

Chico, the city of trees, has taken 25 calls for downed trees since the start of the storm.

Officials are weathering the storm with crews working around the clock.

Interim Public Works Manager Eric Gustafson says he and his crew have been performing triage all day long.
Their patient: the roads.

"It got a little scary there late morning, early afternoon," Gustafson said.

He says they were out all Wednesday night and they'll do the same Thursday night, in rotating shifts.

Gustafson says drain inlets in parts of downtown and the south campus neighborhood reached capacity.

Because there are thousands of drain inlets around Chico, hundreds of which they've already responded to, they could use a little help.

"Make sure leaf piles are out of the gutter, at least a foot or two out of the gutter so that gives proper passage for water to get to the drain inlet," Gustafson said.

Chico Fire Captain Chuck Fry has responded to numerous car accidents within Chico city limits.

"A lot of wet roads, a lot of flooded streets, vehicle accidents," said Fry. "We have tree limbs coming down you know dropping into streets, bringing power lines down and stuff. So that's the majority of our incidents today."

Chico Park and Natural Resource Manager Dan Efseaff and his crew have been dealing with the downed trees-25 calls since the storm began.

But he expects more calls to come, so like public works, his crews have been and will be working around the clock.
Also, Bidwell Park is closed to cars.

"Just be very aware," Efseaff said. "There's still pretty strong winds and branches could come down at any time. Good day to do something else perhaps."

To report any downed trees or limbs in the coming days, you can call 896-7800.


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