Chico Officers Begin Bike Patrols Again

Nov 5, 2013 7:25 PM

It's been more than a decade, but starting this week, two Chico Police Officers will begin patrolling the streets of downtown Chico by bicycle. Officer Jim Parrott says the funds have been reallocated from other areas in the police department to help staff bike patrols, as an answer to what many see as a growing crime problem in downtown Chico. Says Parrott, "One of the best ways to work the downtown is on a bicycle. The bike allows us to approach in a way that's stealthy if we need it to be, or approachable if that's the need."
Parrott says two officers will be dedicated to the patrol full-time, but the extra downtown patrols come with a price. He says one officer was taken off of regular patrol duty, and Parrott was taken, as a detective, out of felony investigations. The two officers will patrol the area from Big Chico Creek to Little Chico Creek, and from Flume to Salem Streets.


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