Chico Natural Foods Cooperative to expand, relocate

Jul 22, 2014 1:54 PM by Alex Backus

A long-time Chico staple for natural and whole foods will soon be moving to a new location.

Chico Natural Foods Cooperative is planning to expand and relocate from their current store on 8th and Main, where they've been located for 22 years.

The store originally planned a major remodel, but instead were asked to vacate the building at the end of their lease over the next three to six years. The expansion will include a larger kitchen, equipment grab-and-go area, dairy and meat selection.

"For the most part, it's just pure excitement," Chico Natural Foods Cooperative Marketing Manager Dylan Tellesen said about customer and staff response. "Everybody wants a bigger store. The community has been very energetic and supportive, and they know they can support a larger store, and everybody wants more good healthy local food."

Co-op management is now exploring options for a new location. For suggestions or questions, email:

Chico Natural Foods Cooperative has sold organic, local and whole food for 40 years.


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