Chico Native Directs Film in Chico

Feb 24, 2012 7:52 PM

A Chico native and world renowned director has come home to shoot his very first film.

"Chico has been such an enormous foundation for my creative expression, for the beginnings of myself as a story teller." And so veteran theater director Coy Middlebrook has returned home to Chico, to shoot his very first film.

The independent short film is called Super Tuesday.. Based on a true story about Middlebrook and his two brothers during a presidential election day. "The purest intention of the film is really for us to shine a light on a little bit of a broken America and we see that through this broken brotherhood and then their chance for repair," says Middlebrook. Actor Jonah Blechman says, "They're all dealing with different levels of addiction and abuse.. And my character gets to come and be a little bit more of a steady ground."

Middlebrook, originally from Southern California, moved to Chico at a young age.. And as a male dancer, he struggled to find himself; soon turning to theater. As a teenager, he helped direct plays for Chico State's Theater Department, and continued on to open the Chico City Light Opera House.

From there, Middlebrook moved on and upward, and has since directed plays all over the United States, Europe, Asia and Australia. "This man is a phenomenal director... He is really a gem. Definitely one of Chico's gems," says Blechman.

Just twenty years after he got his professional start, Middlebrook returned to Chico February, to direct his first film set in the streets where he grew up.. Featuring Chico landmarks like Christian Michael's Restaurant, Duffy's Tavern, and Bidwell Park. Middlebrook says he chose Chico because it is near and dear to his heart. Middlebrook says, "It's a remarkable town in terms of what we all do to support each other artistically."

There is another Chico native in this film, Amanda Detmer, who appeared in the movie "Saving Silverman" and the hit T.V. show "medium". This film, Super Tuesday, is scheduled to be complete, sometime this summer.


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