Chico moviegoers react to hacker threats

Dec 17, 2014 5:49 PM by Brian Johnson

One man we spoke to outside Tinseltown, Chico's Cinemark movie theater, had plenty to say about the hacker threats that prompted Sony Pictures to pull the movie, "The Interview."

Chico resident Jon Vasquez told us he's not afraid or intimidated by the hacker group's threats, saying he went and saw The Dark Knight Rises a day after the Aurora, Colorado shootings.

He compares The Interview to another movie that makes fun of North Korea--2004's Team America: World Police.

Vasquez wasn't planning on going to see The Interview, but had changed his mind within minutes (this was before Sony had decided to cancel The Interview all-together).

"Exercise your rights. Forget North Korea," Vasquez said. "I stand my ground. I'm not going to let terrorists whether they be on the internet or they come into our country-I'm not going to back down."


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