Chico Motel may get 'Regal' New Look

Sep 8, 2014 6:07 PM by Debbie Cobb

A run down north Chico motel may soon be getting an extreme make-over. The owner of the Regal Inn at 2324 The Esplanade is hoping to plow it down and turn it into a car dealership.

The owner, Steve Cowee, is in the process of getting a permit. He'll find out about the permit during a hearing Tuesday afternoon.

Cowee also owns North State Auto Brokers. The project will include demolishing the motel, replacing landscaping, and bringing several features up to city standards, allowing him to grow his business.

The Regal Inn has been plagued by vandals and transients, along with being a nuisance for local businesses despite the fact the owner fenced it off.

Cowee hopes to get started on construction by the end of the month.


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