Chico Mayor releases plan of action following SkyWest announcement

Aug 18, 2014 11:41 AM by News Staff

Chico Mayor Scott Gruendl has released a five point action plan in response to SkyWest airlines decision to discontinue its service to the Chico Municipal Airport.

"The Chico Airport Commission was already working on a plan for expanded passenger service," the Mayor said. "Although the announcement by SkyWest is terrible news, it was anticipated and the pathway to the future is already being laid Gruendl said on his Facebook page Monday morning.

According to the Mayor's Facebook page, the Chico Airport Commission held a community meeting a few months ago during which Paul Kelley, a former County Supervisor from Sonoma, talked about the planning approach taken to restore discontinued air passenger service. During that meeting, a basic plan was developed for the City to consider for the expansion of air passenger service.

The five point action plan includes:

1.Immediately direct the City Manager and other personnel to develop a written response to SkyWest and to develop a report of alternative approaches to air passenger services after December 2nd.

2. Call a special joint meeting of the City Council and the Airport Commission to establish a more formal response to SkyWest, adopt the air service plan that came out of the community meeting held with Paul Kelley, and identify the actions needed to implement the plan.

3. Revisit and revise the 10 year old Chico Municipal Airport Market Study and establish fundraising goals to pay for.

4. Formally request that the Chico Chamber of Commerce initiate meetings of their recently formed airport committee with Mayor and other key staff in attendance.

5. Develop the specific use of funds in the current budget that was ear marked for an airport manager, opting instead for the multitude of services that will be needed to address the air passenger service discontinuance, the passenger service expansion action plan, and the Airport Market Study that will need at least two assessments under it as part of the update.


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