Chico man shoots self in face, neck

May 3, 2016 2:23 AM by Darren Leeds

Around 8pm Monday night, Chico Police received numerous phone calls about what was originally reported as a possible stabbing. Now police are saying a man accidentally shot himself.

Sergeant Mike Rodden with the Chico PD says a 45-year old man was cleaning his gun when it accidentally discharged, striking him in the face and neck. Police say the man was walking down East Avenue covered in blood. The incident happened near the intersection of East and Floral Ave. Police say when they arrived, they found a 45-year old male bleeding profusely from the neck.

The man was unable to tell officers what happened. Officers followed a blood trail to a nearby residence and found a discharged firearm inside. Nobody else was inside the residence.

Sergeant Rodden says the man, who's name is being with-held, was taken into surgery right away at Enloe Medical Center.
He is expected to survive.


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