Chico man recovers 7-year-old's stolen bike

Oct 31, 2014 5:16 PM by News Staff

A local bike expert didn't hesitate Friday morning when he spotted what he knew was a BMX bike that had been stolen from a 7-year-old boy a few weeks ago.

Mike Gage, the service manager at Chico Bike and Board, was upset when learned that a 7-year-old's custom made BMX bike was stolen from outside a Chico hotel following a BMX competition. When the bike was reported stolen Gage made a mental note of what it looked like and vowed to keep an eye out.

This morning as he was going to get a breakfast sandwich near the corner of East Avenue and the Esplanade Gage spotted the bike.

Gage said he knew from the second he saw the bicycle that it was the one he had seen on Facebook, the one custom made by 7-year-old Dylan DeKruyf, of Washington, and his dad. He said he immediately rolled up on the person riding it and said "this bike is stolen". The man on the bike was with four other men and they didn't give up the bike easily, but once Gage threatened to call the police, the other men fled and Gage was able to take the bike.

Gage said he was able to get the DeKruyf's contact information has already told the family he recovered the bike. Plans to reunite Dylan and his ride are currently in the works.


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