Chico man hopes to thank strangers who helped save his life

Aug 27, 2014 7:41 PM by Cecile Juliette

A Chico man has been looking for two people he says helped save his life. Sunday, John Gose, 42, says he was taking his daily father/daughter walk with Kylee, 5, down Humboldt Road, when his heart started to hurt. He was recovering from heart surgery, and didn't want to alarm Kylee, but he could no longer stand, and his eyesight started to dim. Kylee knew about calling 911, but didn't know where they were. So she grabbed his cell phone and ran up to a couple with two dogs, and asked them to call 911. After the ambulance arrived, the little girl looked around, but the couple was gone.

Action News Now posted their story to Facebook, and the couple has contacted us. We've passed Gose's number along, so he can thank them personally. Gose didn't have a heart attack, but it was a close call. He says most people would have just walked away, but he says they're good people, who stayed to make sure everything was okay.


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