Chico man arrested in connection with decades of fraud, embezzlement

Nov 3, 2015 2:44 PM by News Staff

A Chico man has been arrested for allegedly orchestrating a handful of schemes that enabled him to steal hundreds of thousands of dollars from people over the past 20 years.

John “Jack” Adee was initially arrested by the Butte County sheriff’s office back in June, when accusations surfaced that he had taken more than $10,000 from hunters. Adee would promise hunting rights at the Dye Creek Hunting Club, but often failed to deliver as promised.

While investigating the alleged hunting club fraud, detectives found evidence connecting Adee with other fraudulent activity spanning the last two decades.

Sheriff’s detectives say Adee seeks money from people with the promise to repay the full sum, with interest. He continues to promise to make good on the debt, and often continues asking to borrow more money, but never does.

On Tuesday morning, the sheriff’s office searched Adee’s Chico home and arrested him for the alleged embezzlement of roughly $200,000. The scheme stole from two people over the past four years, but the sheriff’s office says there are likely other victims.

Anyone who has had financial dealings with Adee is asked to call Butte County Sheriff’s Detective Jay Freeman at 530-538-7671.


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