Chico Hostage Situation

Aug 29, 2011 12:41 AM

A dramatic hostage situation unfolded in central Chico tonight. The incident started about 7pm near the corner of 2nd Avenue and Magnolia. Authorities say the man, armed with a gun, held his two children, ages one and three, and his wife hostage inside their home. Police say two shots were actually fired inside the house. Officers surrounded the home. By 7:45 the children and his wife were able to get out of the house, and police attempted to talk him out.

Chico Police Lt. Linda Dye explains, "Because he would not respond to our phone calls into the house or to the officer outside on the P.A. We can't just have somebody go to the door and knock on the door, we have to take it up to the higher level for our safety and the safety of the community."

The initial call came down as a domestic dispute. The Chico Police S.W.A.T. team is also on scene.. Along with a robot that was to be used to survey the property. Just a few minutes ago, the man surrendered, and was taken into custody.


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