Chico Homicide Update

Apr 15, 2013 7:42 PM

There is a bizarre new twist to report in a Chico murder investigation.
Police Monday identified the man who died Friday, after being shot in his truck at the Creekside Village Mobile Home Park on the Esplanade April 6, 2013.
They say he was 52-year-old Jeronimo
Valladares-Mata of Corning.
Investigators also say there are striking similarities between this murder ... and the unsolved murder of the victim's brother .
51-year-old Audelino Valladares-Mata was shot and killed at a mobile home park on Henshaw Avenue in Chico in August of 2007.
Lt. Mike O'Brien told Action News the similarities are suspicious and highly unusual, "Two brothers, about the same age, both killed in broad daylight in mobile home parks by assailants with firearms. Obviously it's highly unusual. Not commonplace. What nexus is between these two incidents ... that's what we're trying to establish."
Witnesses got a good look at the gunman in the 2007 murder... and police have re-released a composit sketch drawn-up at the time.
Meanwhile, detectives say the brother shot on April sixth was sitting in his truck at the entrance to the mobile home park, and nobody inside the park knew why he was there.
Both cases are being investigated simultaneously and anyone with information is asked to contact Chico Police. ###


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