Chico High hosts 5th annual Smoker Barrel Buildoff

Nov 21, 2014 3:10 PM by Brian Johnson

Chico High welding students smoked up and served up everything from goose to salmon this afternoon.

It was part of the fifth annual Smoker Barrel Build Off, where the students serve lunch to community members and teachers as a way to say thank you for their support of the program.

It's a two week long event that starts with Smuckers donating barrels to students.

They must then transform the Smuckers' barrels into smoker barrels in time for today's event.

Chico High's Ag Welding instructor says there are currently a lot of manufacturing jobs going unfulfilled, and those are jobs he's preparing his students for.

"You have a timeline of when you have something that needs to be done, just like in manufacturing," said Ronnie Cockrell. "So it's nice to see the kids actually pushing to try to get these things done in time for an event like this that they know 200 to 250 people are going to be attending."


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