Chico gun range parlays viral billboard into Easter promo

Mar 13, 2015 4:04 PM by News Staff

When Down Range Chico put up a billboard last December depicting Santa Claus holding an AR-15 the image went viral, now the Easter Bunny wants in on the action.

The viral billboard with the slogan "We build AR's for Santa," was shared around the world, and gun range owners Steve Dyke and Will Clark say the attention has been great for business.

Now a new sign, on the outskirts of Chico depicts the Easter Bunny holding an AR and says "Need an AR? Hop On In".

When the Santa billboard went up in December several residents said that juxtaposing a symbol of joy and giving with a weapon was wrong, but Dyke and Clark say 99 percent of the feedback they've received has been positive.

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