Chico Green School Violations

Sep 16, 2010 8:56 PM

The school has only been open since august 23rd. and already there's a laundry list of things it needs to do to comply with the conditions of its charter.

John says, "It's our goal to make sure that the students are the number one priority. That they're getting an appropriate education, so they can move on after high school." Chico Unified Charter Liason, John Bohannon, voices his concerns for chico green school after an intense meeting wednesday night.

Many issues have arisen since the opening of Chico Green School in August. These include accusations of not being up to code when it comes to fire safety, and the fact the school allowed 11th graders to attend despite being approved for just freshmen and sophomores.

There are other problems like supposed violations of the Brown Act. A former board member said some of the things said in a private session were made public.

The schools founder says that's not so. Kent says, "We always try to do things in the public eye. We do our best to abide by the Brown Act to my knowledge. All of the allegations of Brown Act violations come from one disgruntled employee." Bohannon states it was more than just the one former employee. John says, "A number of sources claiming that there were brown act violations. So as a district, those are misdemeanors in the state of California. So it is our duty to make sure they are following those laws."

Another concern...the resignation of 4 members of the Chico Green School board...who've left the board in the last three weeks. Kent says, "Three were fairly recent board members who were not satisfied with the direction of things."

Even Sandoe himself was prepared to leave the board, but has since rescinded his resignation. John says, "Those two board members had tendered their resignation to be affective September 17, but as we found out at the board meeting last night their plan is to rescind those resignations based on advice from their attorneys."


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