Chico gives OK to South Campus Improvement Plan study

Nov 5, 2015 8:12 PM by News Staff

What began as a petition drive by Chico State students to change a few traffic signs in the south campus area has officially turned into a full-blown traffic study that will cost at least $50,000.

The petition was launched after Chico State senior Nick Klein was hit and killed by a car at 7th and Hazel Streets. It asked that the city council change all the neighborhood’s yield signs to stop signs and in the days following Klein’s death it was signed more than 1,200 times.

Fast forward seven months to this past Tuesday when the city council agreed to partner with Chico State to put together what’s being called the South Campus Improvement Plan.

Specifically, the council agreed Tuesday to fund the first of a three-phase plan that would include a lot of data collection, including traffic counts and accident rates.


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