Chico Fire Station to Temporarily Close

Oct 23, 2013 6:29 PM

The Chico Fire Department has confirmed one of their stations has mold problems.

Ruben Martinez tells me there's a lot of concern in the city and from Chico firefighters about station number five located near Upper Bidwell Park.

Martinez said station five has had some exterior issues, water intrusion, and leakage problems since it was built in the mid 1990s.

While he can't confirm whether those water issues are creating the problem, he did say an industrial hygienist has come in, taken measurements, and identified specific mold problem areas.

Next up is a contractor to actually make repairs.

“We're looking to make arrangements to get the firefighters out of that, making sure they're not being exposed to something that could be hazardous,” Martinez said. And then of course, making sure that we get in there and make all the repairs that are needed.”

Chico Fire Division Chief Shane Lauderdale and he said moving these engines and firefighters over to station one on Salem Street is one option.

Lauderdale said station 5 houses three firefighters per shift, with three shifts per day. It also houses two ladder engines, a hazmat truck, and wildland truck.


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