Chico Fire officials investigate 3rd suspicious Lindo Channel fire

Sep 19, 2014 9:18 PM by Vanessa Vasconcelos

There have now been three fires in Chico's Lindo Channel in less than 48 hours. Two of them broke out this afternoon.
All three fires are considered suspicious.
Friday's fires were on the west side of the Lindo channel. The fires are potentially dangerous because of dry windy conditions and nearby structures.
Fire crews attacked along the Lindo Avenue side of the channel, at Laburnum, near the bike path where they say the point of origin is.

Thanks to fire crews they were contained to the channel and didn't threaten any structures but it is worrisome for nearby residents.
Because of the distance Chico fire officials say both fires were unrelated but sparked within an hour of each other.
Chico Fire officials say they are doing their best to monitor the area. Because of the dry vegetation along the channel this could be a major trouble spot.

These fires come after Wednesday's fire that turned into 3 spot fires in the Lindo Channel closer to 99.
Like today-they were contained to the channels. Those were confirmed human caused.

Officials are still investigating and asking for the public's help.
If you've seen or heard anything suspicious, give them a call at 530- 895-4912.


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